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Quick start: ENTER a few word(s) in the search box, SELECT the sort order for results, then hit Go!. In the example below we entered "TOASTER OVEN" sorted by "DESCENDING PRICE". You do not need to worry about punctuation, particularly in Model Numbers.

Wild card searches: Be sure to select good keywords, as mis-spelling or use of short forms in the product description might result in not finding what you want the first time. Wild card searches address this by broadening the results of your efforts. It is normally good practice to use these as "first cuts" to find what is available, then refine your criteria based on what you found. If the "WILD" box is checked, the search engine matches the "root" of each word you enter against all available products. For example, if you entered "SHAVER" without the "WILD" box checked, you would not get "SHAVING SUPPLIES". If you wanted to see both "SHAVERS" and "SHAVING SUPPLIES", you should enter "SHAV" and check the "WILD" box and both would be displayed. Best practice is to use only one or two words to start, and do not enter plural words. When "WILD" is checked, ALL SEARCH WORDS ARE WILD CARDED. You might want to wild card only certain keywords, for example, seeing coffee grinders and coffeemakers for a particular manufacturer. In this case UNCHECK "WILD" and add a question mark ( ? ) immediately after each word you want to wild card. An example would be to UNCHECK "WILD" and enter "BLACK DECKER COFFEE?" as the search criteria. This will ONLY wild card the word "COFFEE", and NOT wild card "BLACK" or "DECKER".
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE "?" on individual words if you check the "WILD" box, with one exception. The system WILL NOT automatically wild card one or two character keywords, e.g. "A" or "MR". If you want to do this, you must enter a "?" after the one or two charcter keyword you want wild carded. We do not recommend doing this however.

Failed searches: The search engine tries to find all products that match each word or wild carded word, then ANDs or ORs the results together, displaying them sorted as you specified. When you enter multiple words, if there are NO matching products, the search engine will automatically retry the search with the last word dropped, one try at a time, until it retries only the first word, stopping once it gets results. For example, if you entered "HAMILTON BEACH TOASTER PURPLE" and there were no matches, it would try "HAMILTON BEACH TOASTER" next, then if there were none "HAMILTON BEACH", then lastly "HAMILTON". Therefore, it is important to enter general "for sure" keywords first BEFORE less specific "might have" keywords. If you are looking for a Model Number, it would be better to enter "Briel ED132ABF" rather then "ED132ABF Briel". In the first case, if the model was not available, the search engine would show other Briel products. In the second case it would show NO RESULTS FOUND.

Plurals searches: You can control searching differently by unchecking the "WILD" box and using the "PLURALS" box. If "PLURALS" is checked and the "WILD" box is unchecked, the system only checks the word itself and any plurals of that word. The advantage of this is that you get very specific results rather than the broad spectrum that would result from using the "WILD" option. For example, if you checked "PLURALS" and entered the word "OVEN", the system searches as if you entered "OVEN or OVENS or OVENES". With "WILD" checked, you would get listings for "OVENMITTS" as well just "OVEN"s. The "PLURALS" box is redundant if you have checked "WILD", as "WILD" shows plurals as part of its wild card root matching process.

In Stock: If your main concern is product availability, check the "ONLY IN STOCK" box. This is useful when you want to buy a gift and do not particularly care about a specific model, rather that it can be shipped immediately. If you use this feature and get "NO RESULTS FOUND" it DOES NOT MEAN THERE ARE NO PRODUCTS in the system, merely that NONE are in stock today matching your criteria. Normally you would not use this feature as the stock status is always displayed in queries.

OR Logic: Most searches use "AND Logic" to find results. If you enter "TOASTER OVEN CHROME" in the search box, by default the search engine looks for all products that contain the words "TOASTER AND OVEN AND CHROME". It assumes "AND" between each keyword automatically. If you want to use "OR Logic" instead, check the "OR" box before hitting "Go!". Doing this results in searching for "TOASTER OR OVEN OR CHROME". This also works in concert with the "WILD" box.

Model: If you are looking for a particular model number and are quite sure you know it is correct, enter ONLY THE MODEL NUMBER in the search box, check the "MODEL" box, then hit "Go!". NOTE the Model number field DOES NOT include the Manufacturers Name in front, just the number itself. If you do not find it, try entering the beginning first few characters of the Model Number, rather then the whole thing. The "WILD" box is assumed and does not have to be checked.

Mfg: You may want to find products for specific Manufacturers, then select the product you want based on the results. Checking the "MFG" box displays the Manufacturers that we carry that match the criteria your entered. DO NOT ENTER MORE THEN 2 WORDS when searching manufacturer name.

If there are less than 75 products for the Manufacturers found, the products will be listed in the order you select. If there are more then 75 products, this system displays an intermediate screen showing the product groups or categories offered by these manufacturers so you can narrow the product display.

If you also select the "WILD" box, the search engine will look for the words you enter ANYWHERE in the Manufacturers name. If you DO NOT SELECT "WILD" then only manufacturers BEGINNING WITH the characters you enter are displayed. As an example, if you would enter "BL" in the search box, check "WILD" and "MFG", you would see Black and Decker (because it starts with "BL") but would also see Cables Unlimited (because there is a "BL" in the word "Cables"). If you had not checked "WILD", you would only have gotten Black and Decker.

Sort Order: The default sort order is by descending price within product category alphabetically. You may also choose a variety of other options. These include by model number within manufacturer name, by model number alone, by price ascending or descending, and by either manufacturers name or by model number within product category alphabetically.

List of Manufacturers: Normally you would find a manufacturers products by entering the Manufacturer Name in the search box (e.g. "PROCTOR SILEX") and then hitting Go!. You can alternatively view a list of Manufacturers alphabetically by clicking on any Starting Capital Letter displayed below the search box (A B C D E F ... or the # sign for companies starting with a number like 3-Com).

Once you select the starting letter, all manufacturers whose name begins with that letter are displayed. If you CLICK on a manufacturer from that list, all the subcategories of products we carry for that manufacturer will be listed. If you CLICK on the subcategory, all products for that manufacturer and subcategory will be listed.

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