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Every time you create a new order on the DreamRetail site, our ordering system prompts you to specify a security password so only you can look at the details of that order. If for whatever reason you have forgotten or misplaced your password, please email our office with your order number, the email address you used to create the order, and the SHIP-TO Zip or Postal Code used for that order. Please E-mail this information to:

The system allows you to assign a password to your order so no one else can gain access to your information. Your password is confidential and secure. You should never give your password to another person. No one from our company will ever ask you for your password, so never give it out to anyone that might phone you.

Once you have started an order, you can access that order any time thereafter by entering the order number and this password after clicking the ORDER STATUS button. This will place you exactly where you left off the last time on that order, even if days or weeks have passed. You can add items, change quantities, or check shipping in this manner.

You can QuickTrack an existing order - that is check the shipping status and delivery date for your order - even if you do not remember your password. After clicking the ORDER STATUS button, enter the order number you want to track in the Order Number box, put the SHIP-TO ZIP CODE (or the order password) into the Password box, CHECK the TRACKING ONLY box, then hit the DISPLAY button. The system will automatically connect you directly into the Fedex or UPS online tracking system linked to your particular shipment. These systems only maintain several months of tracking history, so if you check too far back in time (e.g. more than six months previously), they may have already purged their information.

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