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DreamRetail offers the Internet marketing jackpot that businesses have long been waiting for

We can direct an audience of thousands of qualified purchasers
to your business and products 24 hours a day.

Our company has assembled a consolidated registry of all businesses, region by region, country by country, into a "one-stop" online database that can be accessed by any browser on the Internet
The registry is a database of business location and product information that identifies virtually every company in the US and Canada. It also lists thousands of corporations from other countries worldwide.
The search engine that allows access to this database is unlike any other on the Internet in that it lists all companies in a given region or country, not just those with an Internet presence or webpage
The product we offer is a powerful vehicle for attracting new customers into your business, reducing your operating costs, and making information available online to existing customers 24 hours/day.
Businesses do not have to own a computer or be on the Internet to use our service
Our service represents a totally new way for small businesses to create an Internet presence that is unlike anything else on the Internet. Without the hassle or expense of creating a traditional web page, a business can display a distinguishing market message to a vast qualified audience for FREE on our site.
Access to the business database for the consumer is also FREE. It can be queried using any conventional browser installed on any type of computer
The search engine has an "intelligence" that allows both unsophisticated users as well as experts to use the same interface
The database has the ability to process synonyms, e.g. treating a request for computers and displaying notebooks, towers, servers, laptops, and desktops as well. It can handle artificial geographic regions like "downtown Vancouver" instead of strictly formal city names.
A business can buy banner advertising that will display its name on search results so it can reach more potential clients.
We also offer priority ordering or positioning of your comapny's name so you appear at or near the top on search results.

Florida Coast Seasonal Home Tastefully Furnished Kidney Shaped Pool Minutes to I-95 and Florida Turnpike

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