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DreamRetail is a comprehensive, well-planned service that will greatly enhance the BUYING POWER of your family or business! What makes our service successful is our proven ability to:

  1. GUARANTEE prompt, efficient service
  2. DELIVER value, savings and convenience!

DreamRetail is North America's answer to selection, price and service for online Internet shopping. Working with you, the Customer, is our one and only priority. DreamRetail knows that each of you are individuals with certain needs when it comes to shopping. Let DreamRetail serve you, your family, or your business by supplying the right product that best suits your needs. We will do our very best to accommodate all of your requests. At the very least we will notify you personally if we are unable to satisfy your requirements. After all, that's just common courtesy.

Here are the basic principles that make it possible for our service to deliver what we promise:

  1. THE "CHEAPER BY VOLUME" - DreamRetail is like a Purchasing Agent...representing the Buying Power of thousands upon thousands of member families.
  2. OUR "PURCHASE POWER" - enables the DreamRetail Professional Buyers to negotiate lower prices...thereby permitting customers to purchase their families' needs at substantial discounts.
  3. OUR "DROP-SHIPPING" - Whenever possible...our Professional Buyers arrange to have merchandise "drop-shipped" to you...directly from distributors, manufacturers, importers and wholesalers...thereby eliminating part of the..."middleman's" cost!
  4. A DEPENDABLE FAST AND FRIENDLY COMPANY - Some of our distributors have Over Seventy (70) years of ethical business dealings with hundreds of suppliers and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers...since branding "DreamRetail" as a...reputable, reliable North America's Business Community.

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