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Price/Stk 13 models by Data Robotics found: ImageAction
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Can order
Data Robotics DR-B800I-2A21-D08 8 BAY, (8) 2TB WD2003FYYS HDD LxWxH=17x17x18    
1 in stock
Data Robotics DR-B800I-2A21-D04 8 BAY, (4) 2TB WD2003FYYS HDD LxWxH=17x17x18    
26 in stock
Data Robotics DR-B800I-2A21 STORAGE FOR BUSINESS, MODEL B800I LxWxH=17x16x12    
27 in stock
Data Robotics DR-B800FS-4A21 STORAGE FOR BUSINESS, MODEL B800FS LxWxH=17x16x11    
2 in stock
Data Robotics DRPR1A21 DROBOPRO- 8 BAY FW800 & ISCSI LxWxH=17x16x11    
Can order
Data Robotics DRDR4A24 ESATA, FW800, USB 3.0 - RETAIL LxWxH=14x10x14    
32 in stock
Data Robotics DRDS2A24 GBE - RETAIL LxWxH=14x10x14    
72 in stock
Data Robotics DRDS2A21 DROBO FS, 5 BAY GBE STORAGE ARRAY LxWxH=14x10x14    
11 in stock
Data Robotics 04DD1-10EARS-2 DROBO 2TB BUNDLE LxWxH=14x11x23    
30 in stock
Data Robotics DR04DD14 FW800, USB 2.0 - RETAIL LxWxH=10x14x14    
315 in stock
Data Robotics DR04DD10 NEW DROBO,4BAY FW800&USB2.0 STORAGEARRAY LxWxH=13x10x12    
27 in stock
Data Robotics DRPR1R11 RACK MOUNT KIT (3U) LxWxH=17x21x9    
12 in stock
Data Robotics DR-B800-2R11 FOR MODEL B800FS AND B800I LxWxH=21x17x9    

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